Decoding the Matrix

“I started to realize over time, there is an energy […] that holds humanity back. It is the thing that doesn’t allow humans to truly find their potential, realize who they are and allow them to actualize their dreams.” – Dr. Vic Manzo

Decoding the Matrix is a revolutionary exploration of the forces around you that conspire to hold you back from achieving your dreams, becoming successful, and finding happiness.

Dr. Vic Manzo draws on his years of a unique experience as a business and positive mindset coach to offer you proven and powerful methods for overpowering “the Matrix” so that you can live a purpose-driven life and achieve your true potential quickly and confidently.

In this empowering self-discovery guide, you will learn:

  • What the matrix is, and why it holds back 95% of people from achieving their potential
  • How to break out of the matrix and find spiritual awakening by developing your life vision
  • How the Law of Attraction can be used to manifest happiness and success
  • How the collective consciousness of society makes up the Matrix and how to utilize your understanding of the law of vibration to overachieve and thrive outside the Matrix
  • How to overcome unconscious association and neural conditioning to allow yourself to achieve goals that you thought were unattainable

Decoding the Matrix is a groundbreaking, but real-world spiritual growth book that anybody can use to empower themselves to overcome self-imposed limitations and start living life to its fullest. Now is the perfect time to learn how to escape the Matrix and start living like the upper 1%, who already excel outside of societal constraints.

“Life has no meaning except the meaning you put on it.” - Dr. Vic Manzo

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