What Most People Think About Money is WRONG and How to Shift and Attract the Abundance You Choose

Why Focus on Mindset?

No matter how hard you work, the grind, the hustle, sweat equity, and so forth, you don't see a return on your investment regardless of these efforts.

Do you see people who do the same thing as you but experience the success that you want? Do you feel like success flows to others but not yourself?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, take a moment here. What you have experienced in the past is not what your future holds for you. How you shift and frame your mind will determine what your future holds. It is all within your mindset.

When you have doubt, fear, frustration, limiting beliefs, or lower vibrational energy, it holds you back from experiencing and having the life you desire. But, the truth is, when we have these lower vibe sensations/energy, it truly is just a sign that you are not in alignment.

This misalignment can and will be corrected in our specific program.

Leveraging your mind allows for you to achieve success faster, live a more fulfilled life, and choose what you want to experience in your life and ACTUALLY experience it.

If you have a deep feeling that you were meant for greater things in life, then the Money Mindset Essentials Program is for you!

What Do Former Students Have to Say?

This course helps us to understand our minds and let go of limiting beliefs so we can make the most of our future. Tips and guidance from Dr. Vic will show us how to have our cake and eat it too!

Vickie S.

This course is everything I needed to understand how the mind plays a huge role in our lives, including money. Dr. Vic, this course truly helped me see the blockages I was creating with the flow of money. Truly appreciate taking the course and I highly recommend everyone to do the same. Your limit on what you can make is all based upon your mindset and once you correct that, there is no ceiling that will hold you back from what you want to make and how.

Jeremy F.

“This course is transformative! I went in only focusing on money and gained even more growth within the money, relationships, and Self.

It transformed my perspective from using my energy behind money from fear, to consciously tuning into my heart and working with money to take aligned action. I never knew HOW I truly wanted to work WITH money until now.

Once I was able to align deeper within, shifting the energy behind my spending, allowed me to pay a bill ( I had been putting off for months) from fear to gratitude. And within 3 minutes of this conscious choice, I had bookings for my business and money waiting to be put into my account that was greater than what I spent on my bill.

This is truly magic. Grateful for this course and for the way Dr. Vic teaches. The way he teaches is so relatable and allows you to instantly create change in your life. "

Angelica G.

Who Am I?

I am an International Business Success Coach, Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster, and Speaker.

I am the founder of The Billionaire's Success Formula.

I have been on this spiritual journey and quantum adventure for over 15 years. My path has been true to look at the deeper reasons why we as humans, experience the things we do and what power and choice we have.

This has led me on a 15-year spiritual journey to understand the deepest fabric of life as much as I can so I can be a better player at the game called, "Life," and help others do the same.

Money has been something I wasn't brought up in. I was brought up in a world of scarcity when it came to the topic of money.

The things I am sharing with you in this course, I didn't realize were the foundation of all of the issues that I experienced with money. Even when I made more money, my bank account didn't show for it and I was puzzled as to why is this happening.

There came a point in my life where I hit rock bottom and that blessing in my life, it showed me the root cause which ended up being my mindset, where I put my focus, my limiting beliefs, and how my subconscious mind was wired.

Once I started to do the work I share in this course, I 10X my income in 4 years utilizing these principles and much more. And the best part is, I know you can too because what I share in this course is all about the mind, mindset, universal laws, and how to live in the quantum world.

It doesn't matter where you come from, what part of the world, the language you speak, your background, etc. There are laws to neurology and how our body works plus there are laws to the Universe. Everyone can benefit from this course.

And the best part, you can apply what you learn in this course, not only to money, but to every fabric of life because it is Universal.

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